Karate Code Of Ethics

Published: 08th September 2010
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These are the principles that should lead every karateka through life. This is the way of karate-do, or a karate as a way of life. To live following these principles means to lead a life of discipline. Rewards are a peaceful, fulfilled life and no bad conscience.


- Honor is who you are. It is the sum of all characteristics that describe you. It is not standing tall, talking big and fighting anyone who opposes you in any way.

- Honor is not being mad and angry when you are defeated in any battle that your life may drag you into. Honor is admitting defeat and improving yourself so that you can win next time.

- Always do jour job the best way you can.

- Do not let others hear your voice often, but when you speak, let it be truth and wisdom that come out.

- Admit your mistake when you realize you made one. Do not be stubborn.

- Help those who need your help.

- Provide for your family.

- Fight only to protect yourself, your family and those who cannot defend themselves.

- Fight against injustice.

The list is endless. Honor is the way you take every breath, the way you make every step.

Honor is who you are.


- To be honest means not only to tell the truth, but to think and act guided by the truth.

- Admit your weaknesses to yourself. You cannot be honest to others, until you are honest to yourself.

- Fight for what you believe in.

- Give something and receive something with a true, honest will to give or receive.

- Love if you love, hate if you hate.

- Even having two opinions that oppose each other on a single subject means to be honest, because, all things are different when observed from different points of view. To be able to observe one thing from many different points of view means to be creative, objective, just and resourceful.

- …


- Value all forms of life. To show kindness and courtesy is to show respect for life itself.

- Show respect to others even when they do not show it to you. It is not your responsibility to make them a good and enlightened person, but it is you responsibility to stay that way yourself.

- Show kindness and courtesy even to people who walk on evil and destructive path. Your kindness may just be the light that will change them.

- …


- Face your problems. Do not look the other way. Your problems will follow you.

- Refuse the fight with no cause.

- Admit your mistakes.

- Defend what you stand for.

- Do not take the easy way out, if it will harm you or others.

- Speak your mind.

- Defend the weak.

- Fight your battles vigorously and with enthusiasm and faith in your cause.

- …


- Suppress your ego. Put kindness in its place.

- Take only what you need.

- Let your deeds talk instead of you.

- Keep your victories and your failures to yourself.

- You are small compared to this world, just as this world is small compared to the universe, and the ant is small compared to you. Show humbleness and respect for everything that surrounds you.

- …


- Do not let your ego, love, hate and indifference stop you from being objective and doing what is right.

- Treat others as you would like them to treat you.

- …

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